Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Organized- My Craft "Room"

 Over the Christmas break, one of my husband's goals was to help me to get organized. He did this by installing a whole bunch of shelving down in my basement/dungeon craft room. I will admit, I am a bit embarrassed to share these pictures as it is far from pretty, but it serves its purpose and all my stuff is out of the reach of sticky little kid fingers. I love how I can work on a project and just leave it out, where before I would I have to take out everything when the kids were napping or went to bed and then hurry and put it all away before they woke up. It was hard to get anything done.

The only bad part is that it is freezing down there in the winter, so I tend to not do as much sewing in the cold winter months and when I do, it is small projects that don't take up too much time.

While installing the shelves, my husband saw all of thread and bobbins just sitting out on my craft table. It was a mess. I told him how it would be really nice to have some sort of way to organize them. He was like, "I'll just make something for you" and he dissapeared upstairs. I stayed down in the dungeon and continued to try and organize my stuff and I soon heard his drill upstairs. When I came upstairs, he was working on this:

I love having a "handy" husband. This took him all of an hour or less to make. He just drilled holes in a grid pattern at a slight angle and then cut up some dowels and glued them in the holes with wood glue. He made the dowels closer together on the bottom for the bobbins and farther apart on the top for the thread. It is perfect. 

Eventually  I plan on painting it to make it pretty, but for now its function is all I need. I have seen similar things in the stores, but it was so easy to just make one.

The rest is the embarrassing part. I really need to get organized, so I figure if I show these mid-progress pictures, than it will be motivation to get it done so I can share the "finished" pictures with you. The "before" was horrible, basically just a bunch of craft stuff piled on that little table with very little room to "work."

 The "room" is really a framed out future bathroom in our unfinished basement, hence all the pipes. The lighting is pretty horrible, but whenever I have intricate work, I usually just bring it upstairs anyway.

All those plastic bags sitting on top of my rolling carts are full of fabric and yarn for future projects that needs to be organized.

 So there you have it in all its glory. Hopefully I can get it organized real soon. I can't wait.

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  1. Looks ok to me. I used to have a thing to hang all my spools of thread on. I think I got rid of it on the last move. It looks simaliar to what Paul made. It was not handmade, Paul's looks alot better. Way to go Paul!!!

  2. It's coming along! My basement craft room is still just boxes in an unfinished basement:) Love the thread rack - I will be showing this page to my handy husband to steal some ideas!

  3. Fabulous. It takes so long to get all the items organized, but it is so good to have a dedicated craft area. Have fun!