Monday, November 12, 2012

New in the Shop: Universal Pacifier Clips

 I've got some new items in my Etsy shop. I'm really excited to show you all as I have been working on these pacifier clips for a while. Other things kept coming up though so I could only do a few at a time. I still have more colors/styles to complete, but I decided to just get what I have up for now.

The great thing about these pacifier clips are that they work for almost any pacifier type. I say almost because I have not tested it on every type, but I am pretty sure you can find a way to get it to work with any type. A lot of clips have a wide piece of fabric/material that clips around the handle part of the pacifier. They are frustrating because not all pacifiers have handles. All pacifiers do have ventilation holes though which is why my style of clip will work.

My clips have a loop of skinny elastic at the end that you loop through the handle, if it has one, or a ventilation hole if it does not. It will even fit through the tiny holes of the Soothie pacifiers that most hospitals give out!

The ribbon is sewn securely to a suspender style clip that has strong plastic teeth that grip onto your baby's clothes/blanket/car seat/stroller, whatever. They are high quality and pretty much impossible for baby to pull off. 

The ribbon is also so pretty and soft. I have several that I made for my baby girl and she loves to suck on the ribbon itself :)

I currently have 9 styles up on Etsy, but more are coming so look out for those too. Check them out here:

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