Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Photo Message

 Father's Day is coming really soon. Do you have anything ready yet? We have 4 grandpas (my husband and I both have step dads as well as "real" dads) so we try to keep Father's Day simple, but special. If by chance any of you dads is reading this right now, although I don't think of them read this blog, STOP READING NOW or your Father's Day surprise will be ruined.

This year we decided to do a photo message for them. I was going to make signs and have the kids hold them, but then I remembered how hard it is to get decent pictures of our kids. Trying to find a decent one with each of the words on it seemed impossible. So to keep it easy, we just gave them a plain white piece of paper to hold and we snapped away hoping at least a few of them would turn out okay. These were the best ones:

  We tried to get both kids to look at the same time, but this was the best we could get :)

Then with a little photo editing we have our message:

 Cute huh? You could even just change the words and say "Happy Father's Day" or "We Love Daddy" or whatever you want.

Simple and special and the Grandpas will love it. I hope.


  1. o this is so darling, this will melt his heart:) i love it!!!!

  2. Super cute! I'm sure they will adore this! Came from Kara's.