Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Tiny Mums and Rose Rings

 I found some new molds last week...these tiny mums. They are only 10mm in diameter instead of 15 like my medium mums. Aren't they cute?

My daughter "helped" me make a bunch yesterday while her brother was sleeping. I won't really let her help with the resin, but she sorted them by color after I pulled them out of the molds. If I can find any way for her to "help" then she is happy.

 These make me smile.

I also found a mold for a large open rose.
 I think they are perfect for the brass filigree rings.
I'll be listing a bunch of the tiny mum earrings and rose rings in my shop throughout the day (in the spare moments between taking care of the kids and doing laundry) so check them out.

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