Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Sisters Garden Update

Remember when everything in our garden was tiny and just barely starting to grow? Well look at it now! Whew, those sunflowers have been growing like crazy. At one point it felt like they were growing 6 inches a day. The flower heads are just beginning to form so I think they will stop getting higher now.

They have served their purpose though. Although the green beans we planted did not grow very well (out of the 16 we planted, only 3 grew). The ones that did have laced themselves around the sunflowers and climbed on up. Can you see this one wrapping itself around? That's like 5 feet high too. Their good little climbers.
 We even have some corn growing. I think we had about 4 stalks shoot up so we did not think that we get any corn because corn needs to be planted in bunches so it can cross pollinate. Everything we read recommended that you grow at least 12 stalks so that they can cross pollinate. I guess we were just lucky!
The only thing I will probably do different next year is wait longer to plant the squash. Once it started growing well, the leaves blocked the still small beans from getting enough sunlight. We ended up having to cut off a bunch of the leaves from the squash. Each large leaf usually supports a flower which will grow into a squash. It was sad to see the flowers die and know we weren't going to get squash from them. We do have plenty more flowers forming though so I am sure we will get plenty.

Oh yeah, remember those tiny herbs just beginning to sprout? Well look at them now:
 I've been trying to use the basil as much as I can, but I guess not enough because this one is going to flower.

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