Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Help me name these colors

We have been making tons of flowers lately to get ready for the busy (hopefully!) holiday season. Actually my husband has been doing the resin pouring part for me because the resin fumes can be dangerous to our unborn baby, isn't that sweet of him?

On our last batch, we made some colors that we are not quite sure how to name. We could use some help with some name suggestions. Leave me comments here or on facebook as to what you would call these new colors.
First is the this light yellow with a slight hint of brown color in the middle. The mum on the left is what I call vintage yellow, the two in the middle are the new unnamed color and on the right is my sunny yellow for comparison.

Second is this light blue/teal color in the middle. I have my teal on the left and aqua on the right. Name the color in the middle. I was thinking of something like Robin Egg Blue? It might be too dark for that though. Color naming is hard.

So what do you think?

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