Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make your own Clothing/Headband labels

Yesterday I found a tutorial on how to make your own clothing labels for cheap and easy. I just had to try it so I went out right then and got the supplies: Iron-on transfers (the T-Shirt kind) and white satin ribbon.

I used powerpoint to make a sheet of my logo in different sizes. At first I flipped all my images, but later learned that if you select "t-shirt transfers" as your paper type when you go to print, then it automatically flips them for you. I wasted my first sheet of transfer paper this way. Oops. 

I cut out some of the logos, then ironed them onto the ribbon.

I was surprised at how good they looked when I tore off the paper.

I've already started gluing them to the back of headbands. I feel very professional now that I have my own labels.

 I sealed the ends of ribbon to prevent fraying and am still experimenting with whether or not I should fold under the ends or just leave them flat. I think I kind of like the look of them flat better.

So fun and cheap and easy. Why didn't I think of this myself? 

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  1. Those look great! I have to put labels with all kinds of info for FDA regulations on my diaper covers and ordered them this last time...I wonder if the homemade variety would hold up to super hot water and frequent diaper washings?? I might have to experiment a little...thanks for the tutorial!