Thursday, September 8, 2011

Felt Flower Headbands

 A week or so ago I made my daughter this felt flower headband which she loves. It was so easy and fun, that the last time I went to the craft store, I went a little crazy and bought all kinds of felt to make more. I have a bunch of FOE (fold over elastic) that is perfect for these too.

I modified the flower a bit to make it a little easier to cut out. I also changed out the single pearl for three smaller ones. I really like how they turned out!
 It was fun to mix up the colors. I have white, brown, pink and blue pearl beads as well as white, black, blue, pink and purple elastic.

 They are all available in my shop where you can pick your colors and sizes. Check them out here and you can check out all of my items here.

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  1. Very cute and Audrey is changing so quickly. She looks much older now. Can't wait to see her.