Friday, September 2, 2011

Tiered Tulle Play Skirt

 Yesterday, I had a little free time, so I made this little tiered Tulle and satin skirt. I did it pretty quick, so it has some issues (like how the hem is TOTALLY not straight or even), but for a play skirt, it is just fine.
 My daughter loves anything pink or princess related, so she loves it. It has an elastic waist so she can just pull it on over whatever she is wearing when she wants to play dress-up
 The spin is not as much as she would like, but next I will make a fuller one.
 Its a work in progress and I plan on doing another one, (I'll actually take the time to measure next time) and the next one will hopefully turn out well enough to be worn on Sunday.
I'm even contemplating making a dress, but still not sure if I am up for that challenge and the time that would take.

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  1. Good job, it looks very cute on her and she looks so proud wearing it!!! The next time around it will be easier to make. practice makes perfect... well not always in sewing... sewing requires lots of patience.